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Buy physical gold with a guaranteed discount, directly from the gold mine.

We offer you physical gold at a 14% discount.

An example:
1 Troy Oz of gold costs $ 2,412 according to the current gold rate.
1 Troy Oz of gold costs only $ 2,074 through us.

Certified pure gold, sealed and delivered to you fully insured.

Discover the benefits of buying gold directly from the gold mine.

Want to know more?

Request more information and learn all about buying gold with a substantial discount, directly from the gold mine.

  Deze maand maak je kans op een gratis zilveren maple leaf munt van 1 troy ounce!

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Buying gold with a discount, how is that possible?

Mining gold is a costly process. A lot of money is required to finance the machinery and personnel needed to extract the gold from the ground. And the more machinery and personnel there are, the faster and more production can be achieved.

A commonly used financing option for this is the so-called "Forward Gold Sale": gold is sold in advance in order to obtain the means to extract and deliver it from the ground. Think of it as pre-financing where you are rewarded with a significant discount on physical gold.

Direct discount on your purchase

Get more than 14% discount on the current (real-time) gold price as listed by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Certified Purity

999.9 LBMA Certified: this guarantees 99.99% pure gold.

Limited Offer

Only a limited portion of the future gold production of the gold mine is offered at an discount during this pre-sale.

Gold is VAT-free

Since 1998, investment gold has been exempt from VAT throughout the eurozone by the European Union.

Complete Freedom

As the owner, you can do whatever you want with the gold. This concerns real tangible gold. The certified bars are delivered sealed and insured.

Regular inspections

We regularly visit the gold mines of clients all over the world. And we've been doing this for over 7 years!

Order Directly

Choose the desired amount of gold. Prices include the 14% discount.

Desired weight in troy-ounces

Payment information

We do not accept cash payments. You must always identify yourself with a valid identification document (passport, driver's license or identity card).

Contact information

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about purchasing physical gold.

North American headquarters:
108 Anvil Mountain Tower Road
Nome, AK, 99762-1370

European headquarters:
Randstad 22/46
1316BZ, Almere
The Netherlands

We are a registered at the GoldIndex 2024.

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